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Policies, procedures and frequently asked questions

Class tuition and registration fees

CCC offers gymnastics classes year-round. Tuition is paid on a month-to-month basis via AutoPay.  Fees will be prorated if enrolling after the first week of the month.  There is an annual registration fee that is due when your child enrolls in our program, and is good from the time you start to the same time next year.  Once enrolled in classes at CCC, tuition for each upcoming month is taken the 21st of the current month. A late fee will be applied to any account carrying a balance without a credit card on file after the 21st. Late payments with late fees must be made no later than the last week of the month or we will be forced to drop your child from our program. We do not offer “pay per class” options or credits for missed classes. YOUR TUITION PAYMENT IS WHAT HOLDS YOUR CHILD’S SPOT IN HIS OR HER CLASS. If payment has not posted by the due date on your statement, we will assume you will not be returning and drop your child from our program. We offer some additional payment plans and creative financing options if your situation warrants it.  We’ll be more than happy to explain other options to you.  Just let us know so we can help you out.

What if my child misses a class?

Make-ups  are permitted and encouraged at CCC.

  • Each child is entitled to up to two make-ups per month for missed class. If you are absent more than two times in the month, you will have 30 days to make-up the additional absences.
  • You can schedule a make-up class for your child in our office, over the phone, or through you Parent Portal account.
  • Once dropped from our program, make-ups are voided. Please make them up before you drop.
  • We do not credit missed classes so please don’t ask!

What should my kids wear to class?


  • Leotards, with or without shorts, biketards, unitards, elastic shorts or sweats with tee-shirts or tanks.
  • Long hair must be pulled back and secured before class.
  • No jeans, buttons, zippers or snaps on clothing.  Elastic shorts or sweatpants and stretchy tops are best.
  • No jewelry in class (except for earring studs).
  • Feet must be bare


  • Elastic shorts, gym shorts, tee shirt or tank, sweatpants.
  • No zippers, buttons, or snaps on clothing
  • Feet must be bare.

Observation room – homework table area

The observation room is an air conditioned area where you can view your child while he or she is taking class. Your kids can see you through the glass window as you watch.  You are always welcome to stay and watch your kids.  If you do need to leave the gym, or will be outside in your car, please let the office know and leave your cell number with us.

The homework table area is an area where waiting children can do homework or other moderately quiet activities. You may also observe your kids in class from this area if they are on the “tumble track.”  Excessive noise or standing right next to the gray wall to view them can be a distraction to teachers, so please stay at the table area unless you need to use the restroom.

What we humbly ask of you

Parents, you are always welcome to bring along siblings and/or friends who are not taking classes, while waiting for your child.  However, we do ask that you keep small children with you at all times and under your watchful eye.

PLEASE take and make your cell phone calls outside for the courtesy of those around you.


We understand that parking can be difficult to find on busier days, but for the sake of courtesy, please avoid parking in the two spots designated for STARMAKER PRODUCTS. There are signs up for their parking spots, and these are the only two spots they have. We ask that you respect the signs and avoid parking there. We thank you for your attention to this matter.